Firefox Browser – Is It Really the Speed King?


Firefox Browser – Is It Really the Speed King?

Firefox browser is popular because it allows plenty of customization. There are add-ons that can work right inside Firefox to give users the experience that they desire. Even with all of these add-ons, Firefox has been called the “Speed King.”

What to Expect From Firefox Browser

After independent tests, Firefox was nicknamed the “Speed King” after it outperformed other browsers. Firefox is always pushing for improvements and it looks as if this year is no different. There will be even more improvements with the JavaScript engine and users may even notice a reduction in the long GC pauses as well as improvement in heap usage. Improving DOM access and playing with the optimization levels for scripts with different hotness could also be on the agenda.


More Reasons to Use Firefox

There are even more reasons to use Firefox besides its speed and the ease of use that come with Firefox. There is also the matter of privacy and flexibility that users experience when surfing the Internet with the FIrefox browser.

When browsing with Firefox, there are many different options available to help you make sure that your privacy stays intact. One of the most popular features is that it will tell users when a site is not trusted. Sites that are not trusted often come with viruses, but if users are warned to stay away, it can help them keep away from viruses and other things that may harm their computers. The anti-malware and anti-phishing features also help make sure that the users are even more protected against such things. Since new threats are always coming out, Firefox automatically updates the security on the browser to ensure that those threats do not stand a chance.

When users want to be even more private, there is the Do Not Track feature of Firefox. Users can change their settings as to how their information is collected and shared. This means that instead of sites having free reign to collect user information and share it with others, Firefox keeps personal information safe and secure.

For users that are a little more technical, Firefox made sure that they have plenty of options when it comes to being able to customize. This browser has actually been designed to be redesigned. Almost everything on the browser can be changed so that it will fit its user’s desired experience.

Not only does Firefox have the add-ons that were discussed earlier, but there are also the different themes that are available, and don’t forget the awesome bar. The different themes allows users to change their browser to look how they would like them to look, but the awesome bar will also automatically complete various things as you start to type them into the bar. A few examples of what the awesome bar may autocomplete are URLs, favorites and bookmarks. This saves users time and effort when they are attempting to get their information into the bar and get their browsing experience started.