PhotoDirector Review


The PhotoDirector is an outstanding photo editor that offers its users a streamlined photography workflow, which includes a complete adjustment, creative editing tools and efficient photo management. This application enables the user to adjust images within a non-destructive environment. With this application, it is very easy to transform raw images into beautiful works of art. It also features a PhotoDirector app, which allows users to create magnificent images on the go. This application puts together all the functionalities needed for photography within a single workflow. As a modern photo editor, it also provides fast import and export, high-quality adjustments, collection management, High DPI support, editing and 4k and 2K video slideshows.


Why Opt for the Photodirector

The application features a simple UI design that is easy to use for both advanced users and beginners. Additionally, the application can support both Mac and Windows operating systems. It is one of the most preferred picture editors across the world because of its many magnificent features.

Radial Filter


The radial filter is one of the newest features of this program. It allows users to draw attention to the focal point of their images. This is achieved by the ability to adjust a single section of a photo on this program. It is ideal for emphasizing light source, applying creative vignettes and highlighting your subject in a photo.

Grain Effect

The grain effect is another new feature of the PhotoDirector. With this application, it is possible to add a film-like effect or texture to a picture. This is done using the graining effects and adds character to any photo. In addition, the application also has a horde of other photo editing effects.

Regional Adjustment

With the regional adjustment tool of the program, it is possible to isolate a certain region of the photo and edit it using various selection brushes on the program.

Lens Correction

It is normal to have lens distortions such as fisheye distortion, keystone, vignetting and chromatic aberration on a picture. However, with the lens correction aspect of the program, it is easy to rectify all these distortions completely.

RGB Curves

The PhotoDirector is also equipped with an RGB curves functionality. This feature allows the user to create attractive cross-processing effects, correct tough white balance problems and adjust single RGB channels.

The PhotoDirector is one of the few modern photo editors in the market with numerous magnificent features, such as a rich 16-bit color depth and 64-bit display technology, intelligent tagging and auto-stack groups of shots. It is also equipped with Pro-Quality Adjustments, including white, tone, curves and hue balance.