Why You Should Get the ACDSee


Why You Should Get the ACDSee

The ACDSee is a program meant for Mac OS X 10.6 and higher, as well as Microsoft Windows. Developed by ACD Systems International Inc., this program is meant for viewing, editing and organizing images. Initially, it was developed as a 16-bit application and was only usable on Windows 3.0. This was later replaced by the 32-bit version of the program. The upgrade made the program compatible with Windows 95. The Pro 6 version added native 64-bit support, and the current version has been further enhanced, making it even more appealing. Over the years, ACDSee has gained immense popularity due to its magnificent features, some of which include:


Enhanced Editing Capabilities

As compared to the Pro 6 version of this program, the Pro 7 comes with a number of new features. With the Pro 7, it is possible to apply linear and radial gradient while correcting the clarity, exposure and contrast of an image. Additionally, this version enables the user to blur or sharpen a certain area on the photo using a brush. The ability to improve the quality of images of this program is further enhanced by the opportunity to eliminate unwanted blemishes and flaws on photos.

Customizable User Interface

The design of the Pro 7 is very straightforward and simple. This makes the application easy to use. Additionally, it is possible to customize the panels on this program to suit your preferences.

Multiple Modes for Easy Navigation

This program has five main modes, including: view, manage, online, edit and develop. These different modes allow the users to use the program in various ways. The manage mode allows you to carry out file management and photo management, and makes organization easily. The online mode gives the user access to ACDSee’s website, from where he or she may load and store photos. The view mode of this program is basically an image viewer, allowing the user to rotate, zoom and slide photos. Edit mode of the Pro 7 builds to the view mode, enabling easy photo adjustments.

Outstanding File Management and Image Organization Capabilities

When it comes to file management, the ACDSee Pro 7 is one of the best programs in the market. Additionally, this program gives the user access to photo editing features used by a majority of professional photo editors.

In addition, this program features numerous creative effects, geographical mapping facilities and watermark creation capabilities. The watermark creation capability prevents other people from taking credit for your photos online. With the ACDSee Pro 7, it is also possible to create templates, allowing the user to define where and how the watermarks will appear on the image. With so many brilliant features, this program is one of the well renowned image editing, viewing and organizing programs across the world.