Creativity in Simplicity: Photoshine Mini


Creativity in Simplicity: Photoshine Mini

Pictures are fun to take, archive and share. Often times, the fun doesn’t end with the snapshot of a camera. We take the fun to the next level by turning on the creative part of our brains and go about beautifying the pictures we’ve snapped with special effects and certain twists.

Until recently, going about this required a person to have design and photo editing skills. Believing this to be a far cry as a requirement to making beautiful edits, a group of people took it on to develop a simple yet intuitive software that’s both easy to use by just about anyone and able to deliver stunning photo edits. This software is the Photoshine Mini.


The Idea

What makes Photoshine Mini easy to use is its approach to editing pictures. The idea is to affix your photo on any of the up to 680 templates with one click, using the different styles to choose from to transform your beautiful picture to a more stylistic picture in a jiffy.

Understanding the program


Photoshine Mini is a Windows program supported on Windows XP and later versions. It is lightweight, and so it will run on computers with modest configurations.

Loading the program unveils an elegant interface, and all you need to do to get started is to open an image that you’d want to edit within the program.

With the image opened, you’d then be able to use any of the templates arranged into nine themed categories (Baby, Dream, Festival, Frame, Girl, Love, Magazine, Simulation and Other) with one click.

Save the choices of templates. You can get flexibility with the ability to adjust and tilt an image within the template until it feels just right.

In addition, you’re able to change the color to either black and white, or sepia. Making a collage of your favorite pictures is also a breeze, as you can add new pictures to an edited image.

With this row of options, it’s easy to fix your picture in a pink rose frame or give your picture a magazine style look within seconds.



  • Lightweight.
  • Elegant and user-friendly interface.
  • Large number of templates.
  • Flexibility in editing.
  • Ability to make collages.
  • Multiple languages.


  • Windows-only program.

Photoshine Mini allows you to be creative with simple options. With 280 templates available for the free version and 680 in the paid version, there is no limit to how many unique edits you can make on a single photo.

The best part is, all of these edits can be done in a minute by anyone irrespective of photo editing experience. If all you want is a one-click solution to giving your photo a creative touch, Photoshine Mini is your go-to software.